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Revision 6.0

ARTICLE I                    


This organization shall be known as the Intermountain Clinical Instrumentation Society, abbreviated ICIS. Definitions of words utilized:

      Intermountain - denotes geographical location.

      Clinical - distinguishes from biomedical research.

      Instrumentation - includes all technical levels.

      Society - symbolizes mutual aims and interests.


ARTICLE II                   

Society Objective

To enrich the quality of technical support provided to professionals who render health care services to the intermountain region.

     Section 1.  

           A. This will be accomplished through the continuing augmentation of individualexpertise in the field of technical instrumentation support.

           B. Providing a medium for the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of information among members.

           C. Conducting regular meetings, conferences, and educational programs to assist and encourage members to develop their professional skills and abilities as applied to their specialities.

    Section 2.         The society is a not-for-profit organization. It's business shall be conducted in such a manner that no part of its resources shall be utilized for the sole benefit of any member regardless of position or standing, or of any outside individual.

     Section 3.         This Society is not a labor union nor at anytime will it become a labor union. Labor union is defined as an organized body of wage earners promoting regulation and negotiation of wages and working conditions.

    Section 4.         This Society's meetings and conferences shall be used for social, technical, and educational purposes only.


ARTICLE III                   

Governing Body

     Section 1.         This body will be known as the Board of Trustees.

    Section 2.         The Board of Trustees will consist of the Chair, Co Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Member Trustees. The Executive Board consists of the Chair, Co Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

     Section 3.         Each Board of Trustees position will be a two year term.

     Section 4.         Duties as follows:

           Chair - coordinates duties of other Board of Trustee Members, facilitates at meetings, assists with the concerns of members and outside associates, and shall see that all orders and resolutions are carried out.

           Co Chair - assists the four Member Trustees in their responsibilities, facilitates meetings, and acts on behalf of the Chair when absent.

           Secretary - keeps and maintains records of the society to include but not limited to agendas, meeting minutes, correspondence, etc..

           Treasurer - keeps and maintains records of all monies received and spent by society, assists Chair and Co Chair in preparing legally required forms. Checks will be signed by two of the following individuals only: the Chair, Co Chair, and Treasurer. Any check over $100 will be approved by the  majority of the Board of Trustees. The Treasurer and one other Executive Board member must be present during any financial transaction. Financial status of Society will be a monthly agenda item.

            Member Trustees - coordinate communication between members and Board of Trustees. In addition the Member Trustees will be responsible for correlating activity in one of the following areas:

             Publications - coordinates semi-annual periodical.

             Advertising - recruits advertising for periodical.

             Training/ Education - obtains and provides for the presentation of information for member enrichment.

             Membership - maintains membership records and promotes society to prospective members.

The size of teams or committees for these areas will be determined by the Member Trustees.


ARTICLE IV                  

Membership and Dues

Section 1.         Membership in ICIS is based upon individual merit and without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, handicap, veteran, or citizenship status.

Section 2.         Membership will follow the general guidelines of the bylaws. Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees.

Section 3.           Types of membership are as follows:

       Individual Membership - an individual who is working in or has a professional interest in clinical instrumentation.

       Student Membership - an individual presently enrolled in an accredited academic program focused towards clinical instrumentation technology and not employed full time.

        Corporate Membership - a professional health care related organization.

Section 4.         Dues will be reviewed and established yearly by the Board of Trustees and sustained  by vote of the membership.


ARTICLE V                   

Elections and Voting

Section 1.         Elections for the Executive Board will be held during the fall/ winter conference of odd numbered years. Elections for the Member Trustees will be held during the fall/ winter conference of even numbered years.

Section 2.         Nominations will be made by membership. Nominees must have a minimum of three years clinical instrumentation experience.

Section 3.         Elections shall be by secret ballot. Each member shall be entitled to one vote in person at fall/ winter conference.

Section 4.         In the event a Board position becomes vacant for any reason, an interim appointment will be made by the Board of Trustees.


ARTICLE VI                  

Meetings and Conferences

Section 1.         The Board of Trustees will meet as needed to plan and discuss conference events and Society business. These meetings are open to any and all members.

Section 2.         There will be a minimum of two conferences or meetings a year. These conferences will address the interest of the Society membership through presentation, lectures, or other activities.

Section 3.         Notice of any special meetings shall be given at least twenty calendar days in                             advance. A notice mailed to each member will state time, place, and purpose of the                                meeting.

ARTICLE VII                 

Periodic Publication

A periodical will be published semiannually and be mailed to Society Members. The coordination of this periodical will be the responsibility of one of the Member Trustees.


ARTICLE VIII                

Changing the bylaws

Amendments or revisions to these bylaws shall be instituted by a majority vote of the membership at any conference or meeting.


ARTICLE IX                  


The Board of Trustees may recommend the expulsion of any member who fails to comply with these bylaws or whose conduct is detrimental to this Society.

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